A journey through the regions

NBRACER unites different Demonstrating Regions and Replicating Regions along the Atlantic Biographical Area, each with unique characteristics in physical and social landscapes. With a Nature-based Solutions (NBS) perspective, it sets a baseline and provides new insights and actions to progress the regional journey to resilience.

Demonstrating, ​Monitoring, Mapping, Learning, Sharing,​ Transforming, Upgrading and Upscaling.

Main Objectives

Contribute to the active engagement of communities and regions, improvement of climate risks management, and enhancement of resilience and capacity to adapt to climate change through leveraging existing regional initiatives​.

Orchestrate co-creation and validation of Nature-based Solutions, enhancing climate resilience while mainstreaming their implementation and replicability.

Formulate pathways to climate resilience through an integrated approach combining a sound conceptual framework, modelling, mapping and decision support tools, processes, and sustainable governance mechanisms.

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EU Mission Adaptation to Climate Change (MACC)​

at least 150 European regions and communities to become climate resilient by 2030

The European mission on climate change aims to create opportunities for green innovation, transformative adaptation, and resilience forging through three objectives. It emphasises working with citizens, communities, and wider regions to address the challenges of adapting to climate change.

EU Mission Adaptation to Climate Change (MACC)