Central Denmark

The Central Denmark Region is surrounded by coast and rivers, which are running from East to West. The region covers low-lying areas, as well as the highest point in Denmark. Denmark’s second largest city can be found in this region, but it is also home to smaller towns, forestry, wetlands and industries, such as agriculture and fisheries.

Principal climate change challenges

The region is exposed to water and related challenges due to heavy rainfall, sea level rise, but also rising groundwater levels. Sewage systems are reaching their limits during heavy rainfall and easily overflow. There is also extreme pressure on pipe networks and utilities, making it difficult to process large amounts of rainwater. There is a need for on-site water treatment and processing, without risking water contamination.

Existing strategic engagements

The region has been identified as the Danish centre for water solutions. A large climate adaptation LIFE project, ‘Coast to Coast Climate Challenge’ (C2C CC), has connected 31 partners across the region, working on 24 different climate adaptation projects. The project has resulted in a very strong network consisting of municipalities, universities, engineers and a range of SMEs, now called Klimatorium, located in Lemvig on the Danish west coast. The organisation was founded in 2019 to continue the work from the C2C CC project.

Solutions to Be Involved In Demonstrations

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Marine & Coastal Landscape

Decentralised cleaning of rainwater

Urban Landscape



Climate road: centralised rainwater cleaning and energy efficiency

Regional Partnes

 Martin Lehmann
Martin Lehmann
Central Denmark Regional Partner
 Charlotte Rosenkilde Sørensen
Charlotte Rosenkilde Sørensen
Central Denmark Regional Coordinator