Porto Municipality

Porto is a municipality with a territorial area of 41.42 km2 , spread over seven parishes, with a population of ~231 962 inhabitants (2021). The municipality of Porto is bordered to the south by the Douro River and the west by the Atlantic Ocean, with a considerable coastline area influence over the city.

Porto Municipality has been focused on the development of sustainable urban parks, using participative nature-based solutions, to create a green continuum in the city, while promoting better living conditions and climate change mitigation.

More recently, a great emphasis has been given to the oriental side of the city, more specifically in Campanhã parish, a territory characterised by socio-economic and mobility challenges, that are aggravated by climate change effects (mainly floods, heat peaks and coastal erosion). However, this area holds great opportunity for conversion of expectant areas into sustainable green (multifunctional) urban areas to increase liveability, safety, health, boost local economy and mitigate climate change.​

Principal climate change challenges

The city of Porto and the metropolitan area of Porto shall experience climate change impacts induced by increased temperature, heatwaves, drought, heavy rain induced flooding, and sea level rise.

Existing strategic engagements

The Municipal Master Plan (MMP) has been approved in 2021. The municipal ecological structure is the fundamental element and the ambition is to double it by 2030. The Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan is currently updated to ensure that Porto becomes fully adapted to climate change. Key pillars include the implementation of green and blue spaces, adjustment of buildings, increase of tree cover, improving transport and mobility, improving resilience of the city, and managing the urban water cycle. The Carbon Disclosure Project puts Porto on the A list, as the city scores high in the implementation of the climate adaptation strategy.

Solutions to Be Involved In Demonstrations

Urban Landscape

Revitalisation of green areas for local societal needs, now and in the future and the development of urban green network

Development of urban green corridor network

Regional Partnes

Marta Pinto
Marta Pinto
Porto Regional Coordinator
Paulo Farinha Marques &  José Miguel Lameiras
Paulo Farinha Marques & José Miguel Lameiras
– Main coordinator &

– Co-coordinator